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Hello, my name is Max and I would like to present you my pretty strange fetish. Already since my earliest puberty I have had interest in old grannies. At that time we had several tenants in our house and each Saturday they had a bathe on our flat, since we possessed the only bathroom. So each weekend I found myself kneeling before the bathroom door and observing the grannies.

I can’t count how often I shot my spunk on the door. Later then all flats got their own bathrooms and lurking was over. Now I had to look for a new operating field and so I began to visit our nudist beach nearby. Here I found again what I was searching for : old grannies with hanging tits and wrinkled bodies.

20 years old I left my parents home and began to extend the radius of my visits to the nudist beaches . Each year in summer holidays I visited another country, in order to follow to my pleasure. Now I am 47 years old and I’ve already visited the most popular places for nudists of the wold.